Friday, 14 April 2017

Combating Workplace Stress

I once used to combat workplace stress
With lots of tea, cigarettes and beer;
Tea and cigarettes at work,
Cigarettes and beer at the pub afterwards.

Then I suffered a heart attack.
Bye, bye, cigarettes, bye, bye, beer,
Bye, bye oily food also,
But that's another story.

So, what next?
Cats. I had lots of them.
Unfortunately, they all died or went missing,
One by one.
Bye, bye, cats and cat therapy,
No pun intended,
For they were all like children,
Cherished dearly and loved,
Until the end of time,
Or so it seems.

Okay, so what next?
First-shooter computer games:
Modern Warfare, COD, MOH and Battlefield,
Overdosing on them till late at night
Which led to sleep deprivation
And sleeping all day once the roof caved in.
Bye, bye, computer games.

Okay, so what next?
Leave, lots of it,
Unpaid, all of it, of late,
But so what?
The sky's the limit,
For now at least.

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