Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Directive Concerning Forbidden Activities III

I. Directive:

From this day onwards, this seventeenth day of this seventh month in this two thousand fourteenth year of our Lord, you, No Name, a.k.a. Olga, being the only surviving child-bearing female pussycat left in the entire clan, are hereby forbidden from indulging in the following activities, so help you, God:

1) Going missing like the others before you which you too had a habit of doing in the past on more than one occasion.
2) Dying from something or the other like the others before you.

You may come and go as you like as before but always be reminded that the future of the entire clan rests on your ability to bear offspring.

Finally, you are also hereby required to acknowledge the above by imprinting your paw print in the space provided below.

Thank you.

II. Acknowledgement:


No Name, a.k.a. Olga
Sole Surviving Child-Bearing Female Pussycat In The Entire Clan
17th July 2014

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