Thursday, 19 June 2014

Word Definitions

road [rohd] noun : a paved pathway upon which motorized vehicles zoom past each other in opposite directions in excess of sixty miles per hour within inches of each other. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Mathematics Of Adultery

Here's how it works.

When a man and a woman are joined in flesh through sexual means, a flesh bond is created. As long as both parties remain faithful to each other, that flesh bond remains pure. Should it so happen that either party becomes unfaithful by having sexual relations with a third party, thus committing an act of adultery, that flesh bond becomes contaminated, or adulterated, from which the word 'adultery' is derived. Should it so happen that the faithful partner, whose half of the flesh bond incidentally still remains intact and untainted, decide to leave the unfaithful partner for someone else and joins himself or herself in flesh to that person by sexual means, no adultery is committed on his or her part as the person he or she was previously joined to in flesh by sexual means defiles it the moment he or she joins himself or herself to someone else in his or her moment of unfaithfulness. In other words, the faithful partner is no longer joined in flesh to whoever he or she was previously joined to the moment the unfaithful partner joins himself or herself in flesh to someone else.

Wanna know how many times you've committed adultery? Easy. Do the math.

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Legacy We Leave Our Children

We teach our children it is all right to tell lies by doing it ourselves. We teach them that acts of killing and violence are all right from the movies they watch and the video games they play, perhaps even enjoyable. We teach them that war is all right from the wars we fight at home or abroad. We teach them that divorce is all right from our own divorces or multiple divorces whichever the case might be. We teach them that extra-marital affairs are all right from our own extra-marital affairs,  thus ensuring the continuity of the cycle of life as we know it, perhaps even to the extent of going to war to defend it, this godless lifestyle of ours which our children grow up believing to be 'normal'.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
What about pornography? What about prostitution? What about gambling? What about narcotics, all of which we permit to flourish by fair means or foul?
We teach our children it is all right to break traffic rules, and when we get caught, that it is all right to bribe traffic cops into looking the other way.
We teach our children it is all right to poison our lungs with tobacco smoke and livers with alcohol, not overnight of course but in the long run, by being exemplary role models in these areas, and we teach them that when they pay the price in the form of lung or throat cancer or cirrhosis of the liver twenty years down the road that it is one of those 'normal' illnesses 'normal' people fall victim to all the time, depending on one's luck or the roll of one's dice - fate as some might call it.
Good teachers, are we not?