Friday, 2 November 2012

CO Emission Alert

We Malaysians are not from a deprived background, the way we compete with each other in the race for having the biggest house in the neighborhood or the flashiest car on the road. Our lust for such status symbols stems from materialistic impulses, hence streets choked to overflowing with CO-emitting cars.
Generally-speaking, the Chinese are materialistic by nature. So too the Indians. The Malays are not, but, sadly, they've begun acquiring such habits as a result of close proximity with their more affluent neighbors, hence streets even more choked to overflowing with CO-emitting cars.
Interestingly, the Dutch in comparison are the exact opposite.   In Holland, the wheeled status symbol is the humble bicycle, hence streets totally uncluttered by congestion of any vehicular sort.
Not only that. No one can accuse pedal power champion Holland of being an active contributor of vehicle-generated greenhouse gases which in turn contributes to global warming, rising sea levels and chaotic weather patterns.
If each one of us is guilty of abetting the ultimate suicide of Mother Earth directly or otherwise, forensic evidence will reveal no Dutch involvement at all in this respect.
Unfortunately, the day Mother Earth dies, so too will the innocents, and that is the real tragedy of it all.

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