Wednesday, 19 September 2012

To Be Taken With A Pinch Of Salt

When death occurs, it is nothing personal. It is purely business, the business of cleaning house, for life is not eternal. It has a limit, and when that limit has been reached, death occurs in the manner pre-ordained.
It is nothing personal, and is therefore not to be taken personally especially when it involves a loved one. We tend to blame ourselves as if we brought it upon ourselves or upon our loved ones, whichever the case may be.
Take heart. It is nothing personal. It is purely business, the business of life and death, from the moment the spark of life is created to the moment the flame it ignites is snuffed out.
Nor is the manner death occurs to be taken personally. It is only a matter of pre-ordained selection from a vast range of available options, all of them specifically designed to ensure death occurs as intended, in some cases violent, in others slow and lingering, and in yet others, quick and painless.
There is no escape. We can only hope the manner of death pre-ordained for us was somehow influenced by a moment of compassion at the time of its selection.
My cat is dying. It hasn't eaten for six days now. It appeared to have caught a simple bout of flu at first but now it's quite apparent its liver is failing. How do I know that? My dad died of liver problems and I was his nursemaid during his final days.
Anyway, if it's nothing personal, if it's purely business, this business of heaven cleaning house here on earth, WHY THE BLOODY HELL AM I TAKING IT SO BLOODY PERSONALLY!!!???

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