Sunday, 29 April 2012

An Analogy

A strong, solid tree with deep roots will neither break nor be uprooted when a strong wind blows. A weak, fragile tree with shallow roots will either break or be uprooted when a strong wind blows. It is therefore not necessarily a bad thing for strong winds to blow.
Likewise, a solid house with solid foundations and a flimsy one with flimsy foundations: one will easily survive an earthquake, the other will not, and let not the earthquake be blamed for helping us distinguish the solid houses from the flimsy ones.

Friday, 13 April 2012

How Smart My Smartphone Is

This is how smart my smartphone is. 

It can compose text messages in Korean, Urdu, Siamese or Vietnamese which unfortunately I can neither read nor write.

It can also compose text messages by utilizing either one of two different types of keyboard or a handwriting detecting pad.

It also goes into power saving mode when set to activate anywhere from ten to seventy percent remaining battery strength.

It can also guide me from point A to point B on opposite sides of a bustling metropolis through a maze of inner city streets and avenues simply by telling me where and when to turn.

It also stores the history of all sent or received messages between sender and sendee in chat bubble format.

It can also pinpoint my exact location on earth as seen from outer space.

It also tells me who’s calling when calls are received or when messages are received, what time it is whenever it wakes up from sleep and reminds me at the same time of the number of missed calls or unread messages that are still unattended to.

It can also take photos like a pro, with a range of settings to choose from including comic book type effects.

Of all the countless smart things it can do, what it cannot do is switch off the light when it’s time to go to bed, but I‘m sure it’s figuring that out even as we speak.