Friday, 21 October 2011

Cowboys In Bedouin Clothing

Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s second-in-command, upon his capture was eventually sentenced by an international military tribunal to life imprisonment, he who was part of an organization responsible for forty million deaths in Europe alone during World War Two.

Had Hitler not committed suicide, he too would have been captured alive to stand trial for war crimes regardless of the outcome.

Of the twenty-four Nazi war criminals tried at Nuremberg, only twelve were sentenced to death. The others were sentenced from ten years to life with two acquittals.

But you cowboys in Bedouin clothing, you drag your deposed ruler and dictator through the streets upon his army’s defeat and his capture and shoot him like a rabid dog, such is the brand of justice dished out in your Bedouin tents.

But then again, what else can be expected from cowboys in Bedouin clothing brandishing AK-47s and jeep-mounted AA guns in desert surroundings except exactly what you did in keeping with your cowboy-in-Bedouin-clothing upbringing and mentality?

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