Friday, 30 September 2011


Greeting Card Contents

What's on the cover's nice
Like the sugar and the spice
Which you yourself were made of
From your head to your feet
Of which every inch was sweet
And delightful in the sight
Of one who loved you dearly day and night.

Unrequited Love

Loving you was just as bad as loving walls of brick
Twenty inches thick
For just as they responded not to messages of love
As walls were wont to do
Neither, dear, did you.

Keeping In Touch

Forgive me for the silence
From which I'll brush away
The cobwebs of a lifetime
And the dust of an eternity.

Valentine's Day Greetings

May this be yours before this day is through:
A romantic candlelight dinner for two,
He in a tuxedo, flowers in hand,
You the prettiest in all the land.

Happy Valentine's Day.

New Year Greetings (SMS)

Nothing fancy, nothing cute,
Just Happy New Year, toot-toot, toot-toot.

Still Holding On

Time has sprouted wings it seems
As day turns into night,
Yet were you still in my dreams
However swift its flight.

Missed Opportunities

Two ships passing each other in the middle of the night,
Each with its own full cargo, each with its own full agenda;

Will they ever pass each other again?
Perhaps, someday, in the scrapyards of time.

A Gal I Once Knew

Say something nice about her
And she'll smile as big a smile
As a fraction of a mile:

Locating it might take you quite a while.

Her magic touch does wonders
As does her charming smile
But when she's mad it thunders
And you'll run for a mile
But since she's only human
You'll brush it off at once
While meeting such a woman
Will trouble you for months
As potent was her magic
Upon the souls she touched,

Yes, potent was her magic
Upon the souls she touched.

Riddle: What's the difference between a bottle of champagne and a beautiful, charming woman?

Answer: The packaging.

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