Saturday, 1 October 2011

From The Missing Pages Of The Gospel According To John

A young man, having quarreled with his father, the king, and other members of the royal household, fled to his relatives' estate in the countryside, fearing for his life, thinking he would be safe there.

When the king heard about it, he sent his best troops after his estranged son, commanding the captain,"Before you execute my relatives for their involvement in this, be sure to say to them,'For the crime of aiding and abetting an enemy of the king, the punishment, by royal decree, is death,' and then have them put to the sword, together with all they possess - their servants, their horses, their camels, their donkeys, their dogs and all their livestock. No one is to be spared, whether man or animal, including the young prince himself, who has made himself a stench in the king's nostrils. Then burn it all down as a lesson to others."

When it was done, the king held a feast for all his loyal subjects; for three days and three nights they feasted on the best of foods and the choicest of wines from dusk to dawn to dusk again.

When the whole kingdom was at the peak of its drunken stupor, the armies of the neighboring kingdoms attacked as one, kingdoms bearing ancient hostilities towards each other, from all four directions of the wind.

Sons will turn against their fathers, fathers against their sons; daughters will turn against their mothers, mothers against their daughters; brother will turn against brother, sister against sister, and neighbors will wage endless wars against each other, yet the end is still to come.

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